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For virtually my entire career, my coworkers and associates have diagnosed me as having "Design ADD." I might have a carving idea or be inspired by an image and will drop everything until I can translate it to a piece of wood. When the carving is complete and I've specified to finish, I immediately began working on a companion piece. And another. And another. You get my point.

The same thing happens when a client calls. The conversation begins with "So my customer saw this sample but they want the carving to incorporate parts of this other design and the finish to be from this third item..." I immediately get it. I'm a visual, three dimensional thinker.

Whether it's a single frame, a special framing project, a volume picture frame project, framed piece installation layout or overall wall decor advice, give me a call and let's chat!

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We can help create a personal design that fits your needs!

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